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October 11, 2007 / chrisisgross


you find that your ability to write and to be creative is a little stunted. makes me think about a joke that my friend ted told me this weekend.

q: what did one math book say to the other?

a: you think you got problems.

what all this means is that despite all the struggles that you think that you have there is always someone who is much worse off than you. i know that this is pretty trite statement, but it rings true. look around and know that whatever is troubling you that there are others who truly need help. don’t stop helping others when you can.

for me this stems from my trouble recently finding a job that i want and will truly enjoy. a luxury for most. generally this is not an opportunity that many have; to look for work in something that they find fulfilling. a large portion of the population works a job because they were able to get it and because it pays for their life and family. i am supported by that ethic. my grandfather worked as hard as he could as an immigrant here to give his family the chance to do what he never could.

i am able to spend my time unemployed and know that i am not in trouble. my family can pick me up. just a little wake up call. help those around you and appreciate those that have helped you.


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