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October 9, 2007 / chrisisgross

long weekend

not that i got columbus day off(you have to have a job to get the day off)but the weekend was really fun and for two days it sure seemed long.

started it off friday with a sweet manny ramirez walk off homer in the ninth against the angels. only problem was that the whole game took 4 hours plus and when you don’t have cable that means you watch the game in a bar. 4 hours later and many pints as well things were looking up. unfortunately it was only 10 at night and i was ready for bed.

good thing though cause the next day was hardly strictly. the whole thing is a three day festival all paid for by one billionaire investor who loves bluegrass music. my buddies zac and laura had already staked out a seat for us(or i guess some blankets) and by 1 in the afternoon we were soaking up the sun drinking beer and listening to bluegrass. julie and i never really left the spot though there were 4 stages of music choosing to just enjoy the scene around us. i wanted to see nick lowe or bela fleck, but by the time i thought about it our stage was packed.

the stage we were at was the more bluegrassy of the stages and the features were gillian welch and steve earle. when gillian went on i would guess that our area of the park had at least 100,000 people crammed in it. i was honestly getting claustrophobic cause of all of the people. doomsday scenarios were flying through my head. i think trampling is one of my new top fears.

update i remembered i took some shots here is how crowded it was during gillian welch


oh and me eating kettle corn


the show ended early enough to once again get home early enough to go to bed at a reasonable hour which was ok by me cause now i had to rest for the coup de grace.

that being a noon red sox game that zac and i took in at our local red sox bar. after the merciless pounding of the angels and in the haze of some bloody mary’s and great eggs florentine it was 4 on sunday afternoon.

had enough time to get home clean the apartment and relax with julie and watch my beloved green bay packers miserably lose to the bears.

all in all a lot of tv a lot of beer and a lot of fun


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