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October 1, 2007 / chrisisgross

trouble in burma 5

preface: i have been asked by to participate in a bloggers day for burma. so on the 4th i will go dark posting the banner of the organization. use the day to learn more about the crisis via the links in this blog and others.

there is some to report today via the guardian. the u.n. envoy ibrahim ghambari has been able to meet with aung san suu kyi. there is no press release as to the topics of the conversation. the junta has now delayed his visit with the head of the junta, than shwe, for a second time. without any mandate from the security council it is still unclear as to what he will be able to accomplish.

the streets were quiet with the monasteries still locked down and thousands of monks and protesters having been arrested. the democratic voice of burma has a shocking photo of a monk beaten and killed lying in the river. reports are coming in that the numbers of dead are much much higher than formerly thought possibly in the thousand’s much like the crackdown in 1988.

rumors of fractures within the leadership of the junta over the killing of monks abounds and there is the story of a general who has defected to norway over this issue.

if there is more to report today i will post it as soon as i know it.


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