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September 29, 2007 / chrisisgross

trouble in burma 4

just recapping what has been going on:

with the arrests and beatings of monks yesterday was quieter than previous days though the protest is continuing.

according to irrawaddy news soldiers have raided the main isp in burma trying to shut down internet access. also they were singling out protesters with cameras shouting at them asking if “they were the ones letting pictures out.”

in response to all that has been going on protests in other areas of burma have sprung up led by monks as well. with the military focusing on rangoon there is going to be some difficulty in cracking down on more protests. ideally more protests will continue in as many areas as possible.

also the u.n. envoy has reached burma and has been allowed into the country. the international community still seems mixed in their reaction to the atrocities. china, inida and russia have made any sort of full international response difficult and according to one of the best information sources that i have found, burmanet, the indian government sent an envoy to rangoon to sign oil and gas treaties with the government as people were dying in the street.

every day is critical and focus needs to remain on the situation or all of the incredible suffering and work of the protesters will be for naught. keep reading and learning and participate in whatever way that you can.


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