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September 21, 2007 / chrisisgross


so i think that i am going to expand the whole format some in terms of geographical scope. at the same time i am thinking of narrowing the topical scope to what i know way too much about.

on that note i need to get some red sox issues off my chest.

i really hope that there is some validity to the theory that tito is resting guys  and lining up the rotation for the playoffs. as much as i can’t stand that idea i need something to hold onto to figure out why everything is going wrong.

from what i have read to a man the players are putting this losing streak on themselves and i respect that.  i am not one for apologists i believe in yoda, ” do or do not there is no try,” and some times you just have to man up and say you are failing.

when you hear management they seem to be looking at it as a strategic move. tito is finding out what kind of team he has. that the games we are losing are nothing and the whole is the goal.  its been 150 games maybe it is time to wake up. cause if you bomb out entirely and don’t make the playoffs well not the best strategy wouldn’t you say.

the injuries have taken a toll at the worst time possible, but i feel like tito has some sort of grady little death wish and the executioner is eric gagne.  it seems like the second that he arrived tito lost all ability to manage a bullpen. then again before that his options were mdc, timlin, oki and pap. he got to do the old joe torre and wear dudes out as evidenced by oki getting shut down. when he had no choice it seemed to work out. now that he has the options he has no idea how to use them.

pap in a bases loaded situation was ridiculous. he is a strike out pitcher with little room for error. timlin would have been a better option. he is much more likely to get out of the jam. a double play ball is not coming from papelbon.

what all this means is tonight in my mind is the season. cowboy up!, put the man pants on, pound scott kazmir like you know you can.

i’ll be listening.


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