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September 18, 2007 / chrisisgross

the (un)healthy

the general perception of the west coast is usually accepted to be left leaning, new agey, and healthy. for the most part i would agree with that assertion for san francisco.

while most people here exercise; be it yoga, going to the gym, running or any number of other activities( i have seem kite boarding, surfing, skim boarding, mountain biking and more) the overall health of the city seems from the outside pretty good. most people here are pretty conscious about the way they look.

usually a little too much so.

that in itself is a favorite topic. there is this constant hipster this hipster that conversation or new gadget this new gadget that or prius this prius that(its a long this vs that list so i will stop) that goes on. it appears that no one wants to be labeled as falling into a particular subset yet they go out of their way to appear as such and be seen at the right places. i for one would say that yes i am a hipster(this statement probably negates that but ah well) since i dress in a certain way and i like to enjoy things that others do not. that is where i think the delineation is for me. i would much rather avoid most people than go to the casanova thursday-sunday. call it elitist i call it anti-social.

i’ve strayed off topic so back into the fray.

what i am really getting at is that despite all of the working out and healthy lifestyles that people lead here. the city is full of drunks and bad habits and i love it. it is the perfect bizarre balance. during the day the focus is on working hard and taking care of yourself, but the second the sun goes down the focus is on fun and getting a little out of control through whatever vice you love.

go on a fast, run a marathon, but smoke 2 packs a day that is not that unusual.


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