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September 18, 2007 / chrisisgross

red sox

just reading through the blog real fast and i noticed that i said i would write about the sox. so as not to disappoint the 15 daily viewers here it is.

number of chances all weekend to win the series just didn’t work out still felt pretty good about the sox chances.

after the last 2 days i want gagne released and francona fired to wake up and actually manage a game. he has the grady little hook. i.e. 2 batters too late.(i have edited my anger from the night before i was a bit heated and a little over the top.) the team needs to get fired up tonight or there is little chance of tomorrow.

also is it just me or is manny getting away with murder. every year at this time he gets hurt and its manny being manny. he usually gets called on it seems like this year he is getting a pass. now i am away from the boston media for the first time in 6 years so maybe i am missing the whole story, but from what i have heard is that manny is hitting bombs in bp yet isn’t playing and tito doesn’t have the guts to play him. apparently he is waiting for manny to clear himself. whatever that means.

correct me if i am wrong. cause i know i am not the only one.


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