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September 13, 2007 / chrisisgross


one of the factors that came into play when the thought of moving out here became a reality was the sense of what i am calling neverland. i loved the fact that peter pan syndrome was a fact of life. the only rule was there are no rules to be as cliche as possible

when everyday seems sort of the same( and this had been heightened by my unemployment) you begin to lose grip with time and in some cases reality. there is no standard here that can be followed. even socio-economic standards have been turned on end.

it is just as common to see a 40ish person covered in tattoos riding a track bike as it is to see a 25 year old driving his brand new porsche. the ideals that have been burned into us from birth(for midwesterners at least) are not ideals or even the norm in most cases here. boys are girls. girls are boys. old is young. young is old. none of it matters, just be you.

the spirit of do your own thing or even diy is quite strong in sf. this has a lot of plusses, but it can breed a sense of what is sometimes referred to as nimbyism. nimby being short for not in my backyard. as long as you are doing something that does not harm others than in most cases no one cares. while this can be great, it is distressing that the only issues that seem to affect people here are personal individual ones. there are massive social issues that that need to be addressed and yet if these issues have no direct effect on some of the populace i.e. it does not wake them from their peter pan dreams, then everything is fine.

that being said the non-profit industry here is huge and there is a feeling that people are more willing to help out through institutions than through personal action which is an outstanding atmosphere. i guess sometimes i want people to wake up from their dream states. i want them to stop thinking of i, but more about we. socialism could never survive here.

in the end i am trying to balance my midwestern pragmatism with my east coast cynicism and my new found west coast freedom all while looking out for me so hopefully i can be in a position to help we.


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