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September 12, 2007 / chrisisgross

beautiful gloom

a little late on the update today. i had a phone interview that kind of threw me a little bit. i was expecting it to be more of a screening to make sure that i or others were not bald faced liars on our resumes. however, this was really a full blown interview with really good questions that made me um and er and pause a bit more than i would like. generally the interview process has been pretty harmless(though totally unsuccessful), but once you take away the face to face aspect, the biofeedback if you will, this whole interview process was much tougher.

seriously, i struggled for the 15 minutes that i was on the phone. i thought i represented myself well enough though i had to call my folks and run by what i said to see if i actually answered the questions with any sense of diction or logic. now that is over and i continue the waiting game.

onto the other part of today. never thought i would extol the virtues of a cloudy day, but when it is sunny all the time any change is nice. still no rain since we moved here and that is getting a little odd. not really sure how to comprehend it in actuality. i am sure once it rains every day i will yearn for the days of sun and fog. til than though the sun is getting a little old.

top all that off with the second come from behind win for the red sox. papi hitting, jd drew showing signs of life, cinco ocho and the team getting some of that swagger back i am getting excited for the weekend.



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  1. Jackie / Sep 12 2007 10:53 pm

    Wait till November and the rain will come…’s a nice change but then continues through February. Good luck with the job search 🙂 Go Sox!!

  2. roosto / Sep 13 2007 11:19 am

    but when it is sunny all the time any change is nice

    The monotony of California weather really gets me down. This actually why I prefer the East Coast. I can’t stand it being essentially the same all year round.

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