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September 11, 2007 / chrisisgross

feast or famine

seems like the world of job hunting is all or nothing. i have been steadily sending out resumes and searching through the appropriate internet sites. it is essentially my day job and i am o the same schedule that everyone who has a a job is on.

its weird though cause it seems that there are days when there is nothing at all and than out of thin air everything. last week was a perfect example of this. had heard little since the lousy experience with vegnews, an actual magazine job, but one where they seemed overwhelmed by the number of applicants.

in fact they were overwhelmed and they even said so in their unprofessional email that they sent me. it was a form rejection letter that didn’t even have my name on it and this was after an interview. took them two weeks to even get to that point.

thursday rolls around with really little progress since being rejected. that is until bang! i have a great lead(the fingers are still crossed on it to) and next thing i know i am working up some writing samples for a job. at the same time i find two great jobs and apply and to top it off i get a call from a job i sent a resume to weeks ago.

four opportunities in one day where i had just gone four days without one.

super weird.


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