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September 9, 2007 / chrisisgross

cartoon museum

the weekend has been a nice one.

friday was very relaxed got to meet some folk from philly at the 500 club. though after chatting for a bit the girl got up and left her boyfriend behind in the bar. he ended having to chase after her or at least that’s what julie told me since all of that took place while i was in the bathroom. than wewent over to inner mission or the “secret bar” as it has been deemed. its a nice little bar that no one really knows about. none of the marina types are there to annoy and you to play some pinball and drink good beer; not too much more you could ask for.

went home earlyish for a friday night to get some sleep.

had to get sleep for saturday to go to the cartoon museum. the museum itself is pretty nondescript and small, but once we got there it was really worth it. we went because the exhibit being featured was work from edward gorey. all of which was from the set and costume design that he did for a broadway version of dracula.

the drawings are so beautifully detailed, even though they are only black and white, ink on board drawings. the use of white spaces and the cross-hatching that he does on the work is incredible. to get a chance to see the creative process of a very interesting mind was well worth it. that and the boston globe article that was written 1978 that i found a typo in. that cracked me up.

also in the museum was a bunch of cartoon cells anything from old disney to old superman cartoons to some simpsons cells. the artwork from the past is considerably better than the cartoons of today. the digital animation to me seems to over the top and realistic. i have not gone to see any of the new breed of cartoon movies since they seem too real; cartoons appeal to me because they are fantasy not because they are documentaries. i would much rather have a mood and artistic feel surrounding the cartoon than to have anthropomorphic animals voiced by movie stars.

the other permanent part of the gallery was a charles schulz retrospective. the peanuts is still on of my favorites. it was always a clean, light and humorous strip and cartoon. it never got preachy like the family circus or too formulaic like andy capp or alley oop. you may know what joke is coming, but it is still funny no matter what. there is a schulz museum in santa rosa that i now want to go to. so that is on the list.

finally there was a current exhibit of political cartoons from around the world about the u.s. it was informative, but it was a little overly long and too obvious. most people here in the u.s. already know how the rest of the world feels about us so it was not much of a shock or all that eye opening, in the end it seemed forced and pedantic.

today has just been alot of football. could not believe that fox cut off the last 53 seconds of the packer game. i watched the entire thing only to miss the pack go the length of the field and kick a field goal to win it. if it weren’t for the family guy i would hate that channel.


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