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September 6, 2007 / chrisisgross

fire in the sky

smoke in the forests…

sort of a convoluted backwards homage to smoke on the water.

the point being that the city is a hazy shade of weird(an accidental song reference i swear) all caused by forest/brush fires.

fires not something i am used to the last few years living in boston though i was in yellowstone in the early 90’s when the whole park was on fire. that was pretty exciting watching hills go up in flame and the planes dropping water on them. i remember too that yellowstone was really beautiful the years afterward. fire is a natural part of the ecosystem in the west and it was after this that the rules were amended so that some fires were allowed to burn.

the difference being that yellowstone is not near any urban centers. there is a fire south of here that has burned up 12k acres plus in two plus days, but the smoke that is in the air is from a fire to the northeast and up until the afternoon that is where the wind was coming from. the wind is shifting now and the smoke is being slowly blown west, but this morning it was surreal the sun was a pulsing red and the light was uncomfortable.

i took some shots this afternoon when i finally thought of it.


in both of the shots there are no clouds in the sky. the first i shot straight at the sun and that is as clear as it would come out. for the other i took a shot of sutro tower and you can see the fog coming in as it usually does just above the crest of the hill. all of the dimness is the smoke and haze that is in the air from the fires.

kinda cool kinda scary


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