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September 5, 2007 / chrisisgross

this is not a tech blog-ipod edition

not sure where this post puts me in the spectrum of people. i could be super cool, super sad or super geeky all depending on your point of view. while i looked for work today i was also reading a liveblog of the apple announcement at the moscone center. it was actually very interesting to get an hour and half long speech parsed down to bullet points.

here is my take for what it is worth on the new ipod’s.

seems to me that one of the advantages of not having a lot of money is that i don’t feel the drive/need to go out and immediately buy what is the newest and latest roll out from apple. if i could afford it i probably would drink the kool aid more often than i have. it was only months ago that every news station ran a story about the iphone and there were people camping outside for it. well now suckers the 8 gb iphone has been reduced $200. the 4gb is dead and the new ipods are using all of the features of the iphone save for the camera and the phone.

patience my friends is all it takes. to those that wait come the spoils and for me it may be the new ipod classic as it is now named at 160gb. that is a ton of hard wired storage space. not sure if i need it, but i want it and since its been a while since i had an mp3 player it is on my mind.

as for the rest of the products…

the nano now has a 2inch video screen. not sure if that is really enough space to see anything, but its an upgrade. there are also going to be a bunch of service upgrades; wifi access etc…

the one though that annoys me is the partnership with starbucks. mind bogglingly annoying.

so maybe i will wait til next week when sony announces the upgrades to the new psp


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