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September 4, 2007 / chrisisgross

long weekend

the only thing worse than monday is tuesday monday. it is really hard to get the synapses to fire after a three day lay off. no wonder we only get two days off a week. the upside is that friday will be here sooner than usual. if my mind was working better i would probably have something more insightful(probably no guarantees) but since it is a little on the slow side i will do the much maligned roundup/link dump.

here goes:

#1 though not san francisco related definitely one of the better parts of the weekend for me was clay buchholz’s no hitter. though i was taking the day off the internet i was getting updates via text message so i knew what was up. watching this the next day still gives me chills.

seems to be my luck. i listened to the yankees series and nothing to get excited about. i go to the games in oakland and see two losses and than the game i skip is schilling almost no-hitter. i have no luck when it comes to sox games.

#2 didn’t go to the summer of love 40th anniversary festival. had a little too much fun the night before. i was able to get myself moving have breakfast and even get on the bus. once on the bus though i felt as bad as i felt that entire day. with no ventilation, the sun beating down on me and a solid hangover pulsing things started getting pretty uncomfortable. had the whole tunnel vision thing going on. had to get off the bus and walk home and just lay down.

#3 finally i have developed a good sense of just how many people from sf go to burning man. every minute or so today i am seeing a car that is covered in the fine dirt from the black rock desert. that is a lot of people that were taking drugs riding bikes and freaking out. not sure if i would ever think about going, but it seems interesting at least or really the mythology and everything surrounding it.

oh and this(via lordsofapathy):


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