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August 30, 2007 / chrisisgross

its gonna take a lot of money

a whole lot of money….

to beat gavin newsom. since it seems inevitable that newsom will win with his huge war chest. i was excited to see that two candidates got city matching funds. both chicken john and tony hall. update sfist is reporting that tony hall has dropped out of the race. great quote as to why on the site.

i have come around more on chicken john. i find what he is doing much more interesting and noble than i did. hopefully the mandate and the 75k he now has will turn into something huge and entertaining once he gets back from burning man.

as for tony hall it means that there is a true credentialed candidate who is going to have money to run a campaign. along with dr. ahimsa suchai and quentin miecke there are 3 2 candidates who really have something to say. ideally the quadumvirate (so sad i had to strike out my made up word) triumvirate or will keep newsom honest and force him to address issues rather than steamroll his way into being the social conservative that he wants to be.

also of interest a good article on chris daly in the sfweekly.


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