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August 28, 2007 / chrisisgross

the man

as i have come to find out the three months that i have been here burning man is still huge. the joke is that it is the only week of the year that bars in the mission are empty and that there is parking in soma.

well this thing has been going on for 20 years or so and the whole idea of it being a no rules event i.e. any and all forms of creative expression has fallen to the need to codify and to monetize. now granted this is all from my entirely outside view and i am sure i would be villified by many in the burner community, but it seems to me that there is to much focus on the burning of the man as the entire event.

to that effect today the man was burned prematurely by this man, paul addis during the total lunar eclipse he apparently meandered over to the man and set him on fire. to me that seems to be a pretty bold and creative act and per his mug shot he sure seems  proud. he went expressed himself in a way that he saw fit and he went against the notion that the man had to be burned on a saturday. it seems to me that he may be trying to force burners into rethinking the whole event.

from some scouring of the web i found some things he had written about the event. he is performing a one man show as hunter s. thompson and clearly he has taken the gonzo idea to heart. maybe a little to seriously, but hey its entertaining.

what surprised me in the end with this whole event is that the burning man folk are having him charged with felony arson the last i read. that seems to be a little excessive and punitive especially since the whole point is to (wait for it) burn the man.

i think this could prove to be interesting in the near future. lets hope.


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