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August 27, 2007 / chrisisgross

seriously no vampires

it was the middle of the afternoon for god’s sake so sadly no sightings of corey feldman, corey haim, kiefer sutherland or even diane wiest. the lost boys were not out in force though the central valley was in full effect.

for the uninitiated the santa cruz beach boardwalk has been around for almost 100 years and was the setting for the lost boys(one of my favorite dumb movies) sadly i didn’t ride the typhoon, the roller-coaster, due more to not wanting to spend a ton of money than on anything else. though i did end up going into a haunted house that was somehow hilarious, scary, and physically nauseating all at the same time.

if you have not figured out(via my roundabout intro) that i took a trip to santa cruz well now you know. julie and i and my buddy zac hopped in a flashy mazda 3 from the lovely folks at zipcar and headed down the 101 to santa cruz for a nice day trip of carny games and junk food. all in all really fun. personally, i won a mini stuffed white tiger at the milk bottle game(the throw a baseball at em knock em down guy) with my best splitter that would have made derek lowe proud. zac won a sweet watch somewhere in the crazy huge arcade. julie got a real nice looking bracelet which our cat already loves to chew on.

highlights of the trip were easily after we left the boardwalk. the area around the boardwalk is not too nice and it made me wonder why people would want to live here. as we drove north out of the city along the coast it became abundantly clear to me why. the views and the wildlife around the area were gorgeous.

santa cruz is within the monterrey bay marine refuge the largest marine refuge in the u.s. so there were plenty of sea lions and cormorants, pelicans, terns, gulls and even a kestrel. check out the photos i have up on flickr though they are not organized in a set since flickr is going to charge me for a pro account if i want more organizing space and that will have to wait for a while.


also while we were on the pier we got to overhear one of the better questions i have heard asked from one person to another. in reference to a sea lion sleeping next to a guy on a pier below us, “hey man if you put your hand in his mouth would he bite ya? he looks hella big.” same dude continued talking about how he could kick a sea lions ass which after shooting them fighting i am not too sure that he would succeed with both of his hands intact. the sea lions were sleep, but they eat live animals with their teeth and i am sure a drunk dude’s hand would work just fine.

it was a nice change of pace and another great part of living out here cause it is so easy to get out of the city to somewhere completely different. worn out yesterday so i watched the little league world series and did the times crossword.

now i am just sitting in my kitchen/office as is usual for me on a weekday looking for work. its the pirate’s life for me.


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