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August 21, 2007 / chrisisgross

sf vs. la the saga begins

in an attempt to generate content i am going to try to work up some serials so that when the brain is slow or i have not seen some weird stuff to report on i can come back to the serials and work something up. one of the most obvious and common discussion topics is sf vs. la.

this is totally different from the boston vs. nyc commotion in boston and i think most folks from boston will agree that the two cities are miles apart in so many respects. as for sf and la there seems to be more local animosity or at least here towards la. the make yp of people are totally different. in la it seems that people are going there to make themselves famous and popular while more people who come here want to make a difference and blend in. the tolerance level here is much higher in my opinion towards people doing whatever they deign to do.

i have been to la and i will say the almost 3 weeks of total time was lousy. so i guess i already am biased against smogville usa. i totally intend to let this cloud my view on what i see.

here are the topics that i plan on touching in the sf vs. la chronicles:

bands, transportation, food and a couple of others that i am rolling around.

let me know if you have any ideas that you want me to explore out here for you. i am even thinking of doing some trips in the afternoon(after i look for jobs in the morning) as sort of a pictorial travelogue of the city. i leave you with the first battle a youtube one no less


its no contest sf wins!


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