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August 20, 2007 / chrisisgross

urban campers

i have noticed recently that there are a large number of campers/rv’s all over the city. now some of them are just your vw hippie vans that are around. for that matter there are a lot of great old cars on the road here. thanks to the the great weather and since it does not snow there is no need for salt on the roads, therefore no rust. the rv’s that i am seeing though aren’t being driven anywhere. they are just parked permanently with people living in them.

the rv around the corner

now it is very hard to find a place a here. we got lucky and wil have to get lucky again later when we move into a more permanent location(as permanent of a place that a rental can be). the vacancy rates are less than 2% and places are not cheap. so it seems that folks have taken to living in their vans as a way to save on housing. not a bad a idea really. all of the vans that i have seen seem to be on quiet out of the way roads. one to avoid the police and two so it is quiet. i am sort of jealous since my bedroom sits right over a busy street. the guys living in a van down by the river have a quieter night than i do.


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