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August 17, 2007 / chrisisgross

help out if you can

the posts here are usually about things that are about the san francisco area, but i think that this is very important as a quick update.

as everyone knows the earthquake in peru has devastated the pacific coast of that country. estimates are that 85% of the city of pisco has been destroyed. that is only the beginning of the devastation caused by the earthquake. aftershocks are still shaking the area.

what is most distressing to me is that after all of the aid that the united states has asked for and received in the last 5 years plus for 9/11, katrina, and the war our government is currently only pledging $150, 000 towards aid. that number is insulting and preposterous. we need to pressure our government to do more. look up your area’s representation and ask them to do more.

until that happens the red cross is the best way to contribute. the country has enough doctors and emergency personnel what they lack are resources to use in the crisis. i think it is imperative that we give what we can.

try to help if you can.


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