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August 13, 2007 / chrisisgross

politics is a must

now i know that this may not be the most exciting thing to many people, but we do have a a number of elections in the next year plus that should be paid close attention to. obviously, there is the huge presidential election that is on the horizon.

i really don’t see a candidate who is answering my questions in the democratic field. the democrats are afraid to take control of their mandate in congress and they seem to be fumbling the primaries as well. the candidates are beholden to outside interests and not the people. barack obama may be getting his money from small donations, but there is no way to know how he is going to handle the pressures and hillary clinton is already a major part of the political machine. a strong outsider voice is needed.

the only person coming close to running a real campaign is, ron paul. while his stance on gun control, abortion and immigration may not be to everyone’s liking his record speaks for itself as does his campaign. he is running a campaign that is based solely on his convictions and his ideas. he is not beholden to anyone in his own party or anyone at all for that matter. he got 9.1% of the straw poll vote beating out tommy thompson, the former governor of my home state, who has subsequently dropped out of the race. i don’t necessarily think that i could vote on a republican ticket for ron paul(i wish he was running as a libertarian again), but i hope that his style at least changes the face of national politics. a return to principaled politics would be refreshing.

the local election here is what has me inspired and curious. i am actually getting a california driver’s license on wednesday so that i can register to vote in the upcoming mayoral race. considering that i never got a massachusetts license in the 6 years that i lived there i think that says something about how captivating the local political scene is here. i could vote there without one so i never felt a need(that and the impossibly long lines at the rmv).

i have written a little about the politics of this city, largely about the entertainment value, in the past here, but the mayoral race is going to be interesting. to begin with there is no “real” challenger to the incumbent gavin newsom at least according to the san francisco chronicle. while progressives like chris daly have decided not to run, the slant that the chronicle put on its story of the slate of candidates running against newsom was terrible.

as pointed out by the always excellent fogcity journal, the chronicle in its efforts to curry favor with the newsom administration focused on the outsider candidates, essentially labelling all of the candidates that are not newsom, as joke candidates. while chicken john may admit that he is not running to win, but to push his platform of arts in the city. there are two candidates that are running serious campaigns that are being diminished by media at large. it is great that chicken john and josh wolf et al… are going to be a thorn in the mayor’s side, but with his massive war chest ready to re-elect him as mayor i hope that other candidates who truly want to be mayor and are disgusted with his teflon approach to government get an opportunity to be heard.

i am for the city of arts and innovation that is being pushed by chicken john, in fact i find that to be one of the more inspiring things about this city. the blending of art with technology and the constant pushing of reality, virtual or otherwise, leads to many new ideas and amazing creativity. however, with so many realities being created there is a splintering effect. if the so-called fringe candidates could unite into something more powerful there could be a viable opposition to gavin newsom. there is room for so many people here in san francisco, maybe there is room for everyone in government to.



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  1. Al Arnold / Aug 13 2007 4:42 pm

    Just for the record, Tommy Thompson has always been a Republican. It was his brother Ed who ran as a Libertarian.

  2. chrisisgross / Aug 13 2007 4:57 pm

    ron paul ran for president in 1988 as a libertarian i did not mean to imply it was tommy thompson who ran as a libertarian. sorry for the earlier confuision. i have updated the post.
    thanks to al arnold for pointing out my poor sentence.

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