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August 11, 2007 / chrisisgross

this is not a music blog

so no free downloads, no links to go download a record months before it comes out.

however, i went to show last night at 12 galaxies. frank chu who i have mentioned before was there. he is the namesake sort of for the bar with his 12 galaxies sign though now he is up to 1,000,000 galaxies and personally that concerns me, but i digress.

i went there to see a local guy who i had seen before, kelley stoltz who is on sub pop he writes excellent pop tunes in a skewed 60’s vein. he was the headliner with two other bands who were embarking on tour together. so this post is about music.

one of the two other bands was also a sub pop band, jennifer gentle, who i can only describe as if frank zappa was was in a circus band and italian. i was into the guitar parts some really great diminished minor chord progressions, but all in all they did not captivate me as much as the openers, the dodo’s.

the dodo’s are a local band as well who are going on what appears to be a super long tour for the next two and a half months so it is very likely that they will be around wherever you may be. i would highly recommend that you get out and see them. they are starting out with jennifer gentle going out east and they return to the west coast with akron/family.

i only caught about half of their set, but what i saw was mesmerizing. the drummer was playing a kit with no kick drum or high hat. just 3 toms, a snare and 2 crash cymbals with the odd tambourine attached to his foot. the singer played some great sounding distorted acoustic going back and forth between straight vocals and a lovely sounding delay effect on a separate mic. great songs if you are into animal collective or ariel pink although they are definitely more straight forward. they have free stuff on their myspace page which is worth the investment i would say. also their website has some good stuff. so go now! stop reading this. go!


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