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August 8, 2007 / chrisisgross

on barry bonds: please go away

the inevitable march to 756 home runs that has been the last year or so for barry bonds has sort of captivated the nation. the city has been dragged along with him whether we like it or not. it seems like the city is happy for him cause there is no other option. i for one could care less its not so much in the fact that he was about to break one of the biggest records in baseball( having already broken the single season mark), but more so because of bonds’ malevolent attitude towards so many people.

while it is sad that he may have taken advantage of a pathetic to non-existent drug policy that major league baseball has had in place; he was only giving people what they wanted while feeding his massive ego. he was the villian and the hero for the national media. he played his role and personally i don’t find that totally reprehensible.

what i do find reprehensible is how the coverage of this issue and all scandal(celebrity and otherwise) dominates our national news media. now i will be the first to admit that i troll some of the gossip sites during my day to kill some time. generally though the gossip i encounter comes from comedic sites and really all i am not looking for gossip but the most recent bulldog on a skateboard video or chocolate rain remix.

what i wish was on youtube or the youtubeish feature designed to make you forget about the murder at the top of the show, was a montage of the current administrations lies or at least real news. how this has been lost behind so many other stories is mind boggling.

it was this post on one of my aforementioned time waster blogs that caught my attention. with all of the different news shows and all the public debate that has been going on about how terrible it is or isn’t that bonds now has the record. the reality of the world we live in has gotten lost somewhere in all of the hype. in the end this is another distraction or in actuality a diversion from the realities that we are facing. we are in a time were we can not face the issues that are surrounding us.

we have massive climate change, we are in our third non-war war in 40 years and there are so many other issues that should dominate the national media, but no its been bonds these last few year.

now go away.


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  1. coffee / Jan 4 2009 2:18 pm

    i nominate Chocolate rain as the #1 most likely song to get stuck in a person’s head

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