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August 7, 2007 / chrisisgross

the limitless possibilities of unemployment

i have been reading this self-help book about being unemployed in san francisco and it does have some good tips to keep you motivated. the book itself is geared towards enjoying the time that you have when you are out of work(voluntarily or otherwise). i have found it informative, but in the end i am using my own ideas to keep myself from goin crazy.

one of the ideas that i have found most helpful is that instead of looking at the situation as one of nothing to do you should look at it as a situation where you can do everything. i am not working and i am looking at it as an opportunity to do new things or explore projects that i have had in mind. this here blog is one of those things. i am trying to hone and/or keep up my writing skills and my critical abilities. i am finding that after years of going for the easy negative way out it is much more challenging and useful to support or praise something without sounding preachy or jingoistic. its easy to be a jerk.

another aspect of the whole unemployment enjoyment(i am stealing this concept by the way) project is to just go outside of myself. trying to just do things without planning them much like i did yesterday. a friend of my mine from madison who know lives in san diego was in town. i met him and his wife at philz a nice coffee shop although the coffee was laced with something in my opinion.

ended up going over the golden gate to point reyes lighthouse. the drive was beautiful and even though julie and i had been in the area a few weeks before we had not gone to the lighthouse. the trip was short, but as usual there were more birds to be seen. this time turkeys, a pair of grouse, and common murres. also there were sea lions about 300 feet below us at the lighthouse and a mother white tail deer with her two fawns at the ranger station and my personal favorite a slug on a tree. after getting dropped off at the glen canyon bart station went home napped for a half hour cause then it was to the inner richmond for our friend jim’s birthday. friends and pizza was a pretty sweet end to a totally unexpected day.

never thought waking up on monday that i would have that kind of day wish i would have remembered my camera.


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