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August 6, 2007 / chrisisgross

the aloha festival

it seems that every weekend there is some (or multiple) street fairs or festivals to attend. this weekend was the aloha festival; a festival put on by the pacific islanders cultural association.

the event was in the presidio, the former military base that abuts golden gate park and the golden gate bridge. the area is now being turned into housing and commercial/arts space. lucas arts has a building there that i really want to go to if only to get to pretend that i am in one of the greatest movies ever made. the presidio is a perfect place to have outdoor events like this since it has the military parade grounds. it leaves a nice open space to have the event.

everywhere you looked there were people supporting their island, but also the culture as a while. the great part was that it didn’t feel exclusive everyone was invited into what was going on. ate a snow-cone walked around all of the vendor sites and than we watched some of the performances. the video is a little grainy and a little shaky since i took it with my little nikon. the drumming sounds good and i wanted to capture that as well.

have to go back to the presidio tonight to go bowling for our friend jim’s birthday. its a long bus ride……….


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