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August 3, 2007 / chrisisgross

berkeley hills

spent yesterday night in the berkeley hills hiking with my buddy from boston, dustin masterson. dustin actually grew up in berkeley and was here in town to visit his family. its so nice to be able to get out of the city into a naturalistic situation(with someone who knew where he was going too) in little more than an hour. all we had to do was take bart and a short car trip up the hill and we were in tilden.

i have realized as i was walking up the hill(it was steep at least) that i am getting lazy. the running was helping, but my hip started hurting me to the point that i was having troubles walking. well taht has gone away an now i am just having trouble getting over the general malaise. the combination of easy access to beer and burritos with my new found sedentary lifestyle is wreaking havoc on my belly. the walk felt pretty damn good and the views were amazing looking back onto the city with the marine layer rolling. hard to beleive it is all so close.

saw a good number of birds: a cooper’s hawk , a few western blue jays, and what looked like a finch that i can not find an id for. i forgot my camera dustin took a few shots, but i won’t have those for a while so i am borrowing a photo that was shot in the haight of the cooper’s hawk(thanks flickr’s jdersh).

after the hike met julie at the bart station and went out for a nice meal at a restaurant called adagia. adagia kinda looked like it used to be a dining hall for cal-berkeley and it was inside of student housing. the meal was quite good all local and sustainably raised or caught and with the manager’s discount pretty damn cheap.

all in all just another halcyon day in sf


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