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August 2, 2007 / chrisisgross

bio-bags and beyond

one amazing thing to me here is that no matter where you are here if there is sunlight and dirt plants will grow. doesn’t matter where doesn’t matter if anyone even attends to the plants they just grow. rose bushes in abandoned lots, jungles on every step.

case in point being the plants that julie and i are growing. although i guess growing may be the word. we let some garlic go to long(when you pay 25 cents for it you tend to forget) and it was starting to send up shoots. so we put it in the planter that one of the former tenants left behind. a little water and the few hours of sun we get in our kitchen and well here you go.


not only does the garlic continue to grow, but whatever dormant seeds that remained in the planter are now growing. i would like to believe that it is my superb green thumb, but i think that i know that it is just good old california.

even my neighbors with their 2 dogs, 3 cats and birds have a little back area which is overflowing with plants.(the haziness is from my grimy window which doesn’t open)


with nature being able to thrive everywhere here people really appreciate what they have here and are on the forefront of protecting it. i used to remember watching the price is right and when someone was about to win the car rod roddy would always say “power windows and steering with california emissions” when describing it. that was the mid 90’s and there was already a concern about the environment.

people here in sf though have really expanded this into many areas. as i mentioned there is a very well set up garbage, recycling and compost system here. to help with the composting, recycling and such many of the grocery stores have noticed the niche markets and have some really awesome products. the one that fascinates me the most are these guys:


they are shelf stable biodegradable bags made of natural fibers and printed with soy ink. it begins to bio-degrade once exposed to other matter much like a paper towel. to top it off they can be used in compost for any farm since they are certified for use in organic farming. they are pretty cheap too and highly recommended by me!


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