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July 31, 2007 / chrisisgross

the marine layer

those of you who know me know that i get fascinated by different things. initially my real obsession was the political scene here. what with the ed jew residency/bribery scandal and the awesomeness that is gavin newsom. well both of those fronts have cooled some in recent weeks(unfortunately).

what has been captivating me more and more is the marine layer.

when we first moved out here in may the weather pattern was just beginning to change. when we got here it was the end of the rain, although with the drought it was much less than usual. the summer here is much different from that of anywhere else i have lived. instead of straight seasons it is more of a monsoonal climate. come november it rains all the time from what i have been told and from what i have read.

the marine layer is part of the pattern in the dry times from june until late october although it goes away more near october. the cloud layer forms in the pacific, but it is not laden with warm tropical moisture, rather it is full of colder moisture from the north. so each afternoon the marine layer begins to push on shore by the evening the whole city is socked in with fog and it sticks around until early morning when the sun burns its off.

the effect moderates the temperature here so that in san francisco itself it usually around 70 while in the east bay farther inland it may be 80-90 degrees. it amazes me on a daily basis to see this big layer of clouds come rolling in every day. i am gonna miss it when it is november and it rains everyday. than i may hate it.


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