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July 29, 2007 / chrisisgross

sideways part 2

after wine country day one we left lovely sonoma to head to the coast and point reyes national seashore. took pictures this time since i remembered to take the camera out of my bag this time. the drive over was pretty uneventful and very bright, hot and sunny.

started out heading west on highway 12 to bodega bay which is a seaside tourist destination. like so many pictures i have seen of places by the coast the photos are clearly taken when there is the rare day of sun. it still amazes me how much the fog affects the area. only a mile away from the shore it is clear sun and 90 out and than you go to the coast and it is cloudy and 65. you can notice the differences in light on the shots that we took on the trip. look carefully….

so bodega bay was not all that exciting and really expensive for having so little. we went looking for fish and chips by the ocean and all the places we found were as expensive as the nice restaurant we went to the night before. headed on down the coast to highway 1 which was gorgeous and hot. as we hit the seashore itself we began to notice wildlife. mind you we are only 25 miles or so from san francisco, but the national seashore protects all manners of wildlife.

here is the list in order of appearance:

turkey vulturesdscn0607.jpg

pelicans(the shots are hard to see)


a great blue heron(winter plumage


elephant sea lions


also we saw two deer; a fawn and its mother in a parking lot.

than we continued on highway 1 and this was were i got a little uneasy. i don’t drive that often and this was a rental, a jeep liberty, and the next thing i knew we were a couple hundred feet up a cliff with no guardrail between us and the ocean below. my hands were at 10 and 2 for more during the next hour than they had been since driver’s ed.

the fog was really heavy here as well, but the second we got over the hill it was clear sunshine in marin til we got to the golden gate. seemed like we were along the fog line all day.

after all of the wildlife and wine the trip ended with the drive down the west side of the city back to sfo. not done with adventure though. two more things #1 forgot to refill the tank on the rental so it appears that the cost of gas is going to be more than the car itself and than #2 julie left the wine behind in the bathroom in the garage which we realized after we took the slow tram back to the airport. if it weren’t for a perfectly timed tram the other way we were going to cut our losses and leave it for some lucky lady. instead we went back and got it and now we still have two great bottles of wine to enjoy at a later date. victory!

that was the trip. hope to write funnier posts, but no guarantees. also started a flickr account to upload all of the pics. just for dafna


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