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July 25, 2007 / chrisisgross

straight trippin

after being here since the 28th of may without leaving the city for more than a few hours, other than the trip to san leandro for the 4th of july and to oakland for the red sox games, julie and i are going for a little over night trip to sonoma.

that’s right we’re going to wine country for a night to celebrate one of us getting a job. if you guessed it was me well you my friend are wrong. julie got a job well before me. she is going to be working on the interface end of the company so if you need stuff for your little slice of internet heaven check it out.

back to sonoma…. whole idea behind going there is that is a lot closer than i thought. its only about an hour by car from where we live. so we are renting a car and i get to drive over the golden gate bridge, a prospect that is both very exciting and also kinda frightening the more that i think about it. have a nice place to stay for not to much money right in sonoma gonna do the whole wine tour thing tomorrow and than on the way back we are gong to go to the point reyes national sea shore so that i can look at the birds and the elephant seals.

i really love the fact that we can get out of the city and it will be a completely different area in only a few hours. sonoma is in a valley that is protected from the fog and wind so it is usually 15 degrees warmer than it is in san francisco. also wine lots and lots of wine in sonoma and their neighbor napa.

the other choice was going south on highway one to monterrey and santa cruz cause i really want to go to the aquarium there and apparently the monterrey bay is under attack by man eating squid, the humboldt. so that could have been interesting. i am sure another day will come and i will get to do all that.


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