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July 23, 2007 / chrisisgross

dolores park cannibals

kind of a short post for now before i forget the whole thing. after a nice slow morning yesterday got a call from nic wondering if we planned to go to dolores park to hang out. seeing as the plan that i had in my head involved hanging out at dolores already the answer was obvious. gathered all our stuff, (blanket, sunday crossword, bird id book etc…) bought some beer and chips and off we went. got a nice spot midway up the hill off to the left of the live music( girl fest apparently which had plenty of mediocre stuff which was barely audible) and in front of the dj’s. nic appeared as did some other boston folks(we are everywhere) one of whom i worked with my first couple of weeks at peet’s.

long story short after some beer and for some a few truffles(magic!) we somehow arrived on making up cannibal jokes. a lot of them were written down although i don’t have a copy. there is book proposal in there 101 cannibal jokes which will come with a cannibal sketch dvd with sketches like cannibal survivor. “i am voting you into the deep fryer even though you are my best friend since i think you are the tastiest person on the island” etc..

q:what is a cannibals favorite movie? a: cannibal run

also: what’s the hardest part of roller blading for a cannibal? a: telling your cannibal parents your gay.

there are more like that i assure you, but i gotta protect our $1m idea.


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  1. arwen / Jul 26 2007 11:11 am

    q: how did the cannibal fare in stage 17 of the tour?
    a: he totally ate the competition.

    i’m not very funny.

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