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July 21, 2007 / chrisisgross

the parrots

yesterday, went to telegraph hill and coit tower to go see the parrots. wanted to go when we first got here just never go around to it and now there is a city ordinance that prohibits people from feeding them. the ordinance was spearheaded by mark bittner who was the guy featured in the movie. its pretty logical really since the birds are feral at this point and are able to sustain the population without human help.

while feeding them is the easiest way to see them the birds need to be kept wild and feed in there own. the ban also reduces the risk that they will be poisoned by someone who is feeding them.

it was kind of hard to get a good photo of them since they were flying most of the time and the two that hung out in a tree were out of the range of my little nikon.dscn0584.jpg

i tried taking a quick video also but really all i got was the sound of them laughing. didn’t really get a great view of the parrots while we were there, but the area is really beautiful. got to see some beautiful gardens and give directions to two separate groups (we’re locals already) of tourists.

it is so easy to go on day trips or just great walks anywhere in the city. i am getting spoiled.


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