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July 20, 2007 / chrisisgross


apparently i slept through my first earthquake last night. i was hoping that i would get a chance to experience a small one first sort of as a precautionary practice earthquake. my fear is that a big one will hit and poor midwest/east coast me will panic like a five year old and become hysteric. cause in my mind it is going to look like this:

i missed my chance to practice before the city gets turned to jello


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  1. roosto / Jul 20 2007 10:14 am

    I must say that that video is not particularly terrifying. My mother reported being able to actually see the walls shaking and that all the cabinet doors in the kitchen were flung open. But, it was 4.2 which aint’ nothing. It’s a logarithmic scale so 5.0 is 10x stronger than 4.0, so just wait till you get another 7 magnitude, like ’89

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