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July 19, 2007 / chrisisgross


being unemployed allows me a lot of time to explore almost every interesting piece of news that comes across the interweb. there have been a couple pieces on the chronicle’s web site today that have gotten me to thinking.

much like many major cities there is a clash here between the city itself and the animals that have adapted to living in the city. what separates san francisco from many others is the proactive approach that the city and county government has. while they seem to have a problem actually governing themselves they have come up with some interesting projects in the few weeks i have been here.

in terms of recycling the city is at the next level(despite how tired i am of this phrase it seems right here). you pay for your garbage and recycling(although most landlords include this in rent) and choose how large you want the containers to be and how often you want them picked up. to top it off there is a city compost system as well. all styrofoam is banned in the city for take out containers and plastic bags are on the way out. so now many places have “plastic” utensils made of corn and “plastic” bags made of resin all of which 100% biodegradable. i feel like a hippie using all these natural products, but honestly they make me fell awesome physically and conscience wise.

the proactive approach to clean living coupled with the biodiversity that i have already seen in a month and a half blows my mind. it seems that if there is a space for even a couple inches of soil and some sunshine than anything can grow. when i get a place with a yard here–look out it is gonna be full of plants and bird feeders cause the bird situation is super sweet. hawks, hummingbirds, eagles, falcons, tanagers, western blue jays and sea birds that i don’t even know yet are just a few. add that too sea lions, stranded humpbacks in the sacramento river and now foxes and coyotes all within the city limits. aces!

to top it off we still haven’t been out of the bay area yet. there is still the marin headlands, santa cruz, half moon bay, gilroy(garlic capitol of the world) and all kinds of parks and trips and adventure.


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