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July 18, 2007 / chrisisgross

the neighborhood

since we have been here now for about a little more than a month and a half and i just decided to do this i have a bunch of memories and ideas floating around in my head. so i may be updating this kind of frequently.

as a good start i thought why not give you a sense of where we are.

the mission is what our neighborhood is known as since we are near the mission de san francisco assis or in english the mission of saint francis assisi. this is where san francisco itself started. we are on the east side of the city and we in a nice sunny valley. we are protected by the lovely mount sutro one half of the twin peaks.


generally this hill is socked in with fog as is most of the west side and the downtown parts of the city. if it is going to be sunny anywhere in the city it is our neighborhood

the neighborhood itself is the mexican neighborhood although much like any “poorer” neighborhood there has been gentrification a la williamsburg in brooklyn. however, it seems to me that there is a much nicer mix here and that the businesses are all local and they both blend in and are active parts of the community. there is not the same animosity towards the gentrifiers as i have seen in other neighborhoods.

near the mission is dolores park; my home away from home so far. it is a few blocks up the street from me and it is a great place to buy a 24oz tecate(cheap delicious mexican beer for $2) and just watch the people.

a few photos of the park this was taken at 3 in the afternoon its about 50x as many people on the weekends and there are concerts and plays and dogs and drinking all around


also nearby are two interesting institutions

826 valencia and 12 galaxies


826 which has gone nationwide was started by dave eggers as an institution to teach children writing. the store itself is entirely pirate themed and pretty fun to walk around also you can buy vegetable lard just cause.

the other 12 galaxies is really just a rock bar, but it is the name that is the most interesting. it comes from a local eccentric/genius/artist Frank Chu, honestly i have no idea what to call him.

actually he is really much more interesting than the bar i just needed an excuse to include him. also of note is recently there has been a rapid increase in the number of galaxies on frank chu’s sign. what any of it means i really have no clue.

two blocks from 12 galaxies is the reason that i have to go jogging since i still have no bike


the burritos are really really really good here in the city,(also there is a taqueria on every block) but cancun so far wins out. they are wrapped really well, the flavors mix well, no lettuce and they are open late. when you order them order them super cause super means super good for your mouth and super bad for your gut.

so that is a little taste of my new neighborhood. also check out my neighbors blog and the others on the blogroll to the left. hiss the troll window. i have not met him but i am all of ten feet from it and i thought i would show him some love.


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