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July 18, 2007 / chrisisgross

a start of sorts

this is the first post that is going up on this blog that i have decided to start for 2 reasons. #1 i have a lot of free time on my hands(as it happens being unemployed) and #2 i am generating some interesting stories and i want to share and remember them .

so here goes:

struggling to get my internet set up in my tiny little apartment
in the mission i heard what sounded like Marco Polo being played
outside my window. now if it was 90 degrees and sunny and I lived in
a pool I would have thought nothing of this. however, I live on 18th
street and valencia which is not, a pool.

look out my window and what do i see not kids playing marco polo, but
a car that looks like the internet of 1989 just exploded on it.
begin hectic running around to find my shoes and my camera. i get
outside and stand and stare at the car of wonder and as i am doing this the
crazy worm hole that have entered gets about four times larger because
coming right at me is one of the little meter maid interceptor buggy
car things.


again not unusual on this street since the city seems to generate 90%
of their budget on parking fines, but than i noticed that well– E.T.
was attached to the top of the interceptor and this was no parking
cop. nope, just some dude with a sweet ride that stunned me so much
that i couldn’t actually take a picture even though my camera was in
my hand at the time.

the next day julie got to meet the guy who by her accounts was just a normal guy who bought the thing for an easy commute. didn’t want to look like a parking cop so he put E.T. on top(an obvious decision i think). he went on to tell her that some crackhead broke his neck and that is why he looked so sad.

it’s gonna take days to to get that out of my head


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  1. Joe / Jul 18 2007 12:38 pm

    I like that picture up top there.

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